Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum (ECAC)
Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)
Donna Reiss

Asynchronous and Synchronous

Asynchronous (Different Time Email, Newsgroups, Threaded Discussions)
  • Extending discussions among students and faculty between classes
  • Building learning teams independent of time and place
  • Allowing time to read and reflect in class or between classes
  • Recording-publishing information or ideas
  • Encouraging and practicing various types of private and public discourse
Synchronous (Same-time Chat, MOO, Messaging)
  • Sharing information or opinions during class
    • Writing to focus, discover, and discuss content and concepts
    • Saving transcript of session for review and study
  • Meeting online when students cannot meet face to face
    • Planning projects
    • Discussing informally
    • Study sessions


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