Poetry and Technology: Verbal and Visual Images

D. Reiss

Science fiction is perhaps the most obvious and popular of the traditional literary genres to explore the relationships between humans and machines, but other arts, including poetry, do so as well. Among the following poems, some embrace technology, some reject technology, and some are ambivalent or ambiguous. Rouseeau Dream

Trains: Emily Dickinson, "I like to see it lap the miles"

Bridges: Marianne Moore, "Granite and Steel"

Cybernetics: Richard Brautigan, "All watched over by machines of loving grace"

Paper Clips: Marge Piercy, "The Secretary Chant"

Telescopes: Walt Whitman, "When I heard the learn'd astronomer"

You may need to enlarge the viewable text of your browser to read the poems clearly.

I selected these images to complement the poems in mood or tone or subject. Most images link to their sources and to further information about the artwork.

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