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Donna Reiss, Tidewater Community College-Virginia Beach, and Dona Hickey, University of Richmond, developed this site in 1996 as a gateway to resources that would be helpful to our students and colleagues. However, we no longer update the site, in part because so many excellent and comprehensive literature gateways now are available online. We remain grateful to the colleagues who contributed to the original Poetry Portals.

The Cyberdon(n)as, March 2001

Poetry Resources

Academy of American Poets is a place for poets, poetry lovers, and poetry teachers. Poetry news is featured.You can listen to a poetry reading--usually by the author--and read the text at the same time; join a poetry discussion forum or the Poetry Book Club; locate literary organizations, prizes, publications, and resources.

Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY-Buffalo links to authors' home pages (okay, James Joyce probably didn't know any HTML, but the EPC has made him a page), old and new poetry, journals and magazines, and other online poetry sites. If you'll be teaching poetry or wanting to do some "exercises" to get yourself started as a poet, visit their Poetry Experiments List and tour their Poetics link.

Internet Poetry Archive at UNC features only a few poets but they are contemporary poets whose online texts are accompanied by audio files. This site may have been one of the first online project to archive poets reading.

Electro Magnetic Poetry from Prominence.com--better than solitaire. (While you're at it, try their Can You Draw This interactive artboard--better than etch-a-sketch.)

General Gateways That Include Poetry Links

EServer:Accessible Online Publishing at the University of Washington (formerly at Carnegie Mellon University) links to full texts of works in various genres and fields, including drama, fiction, and poetry works, commentary, and criticism.

Internet Public Library Online Literary Criticism from the University of Michigan offers a browsable index by author, title, nation, and literary period.

Literary Resources on the Net is maintained by Jack Lynch of Rutgers, updated regularly, and classified by topic, time period, or nationality. The annotations within the categories are helpful, and his recommendations are reliable. Here's your gateway to such author archives as the Whitman, Blake, and Dickinson projects.

Project Gutenberg is the twenty-year effort to make as many texts as possible as widely available as possible by volunteers digitizing out-of-copyright works.

Voice of the Shuttle by Alan Liu at University of California Santa Barbara is the best starting place for general humanities research.

Original Contributors: Rhoda Carroll, Robert Drake, Yitna Firdyiwek, Richard Long, Charles Philips, David Roberts , Jan Strever 

site developed 1996 for  our students and no longer updated; last revision March 2001 by Donna Reiss and Dona Hickey, University of Richmond