Directions for Claroline Discussion Board

Writing Across Curriculums and Cultures:
An Online Collaboration Among Swedish and American Students

Fall Semester 2003

Magnus Gustafsson, Chalmers Lindholmen University College, Gothenburg, Sweden
Donna Reiss, Tidewater Community College, Virginia, USA
Art Young, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA

Log In to Claroline

Follow the link to Claroline, the software program and discussion board we are using for this project (a new browser window will open so you can see these directions and Claroline on your computer screen although you may prefer to print these directions).

  1. Enter the user name you were assigned.
  2. Enter the password you were assigned.

Modifying Your Profile and Joining Our Discussion

After you log in, your screen should look like this:

Claroline 1

  • If you want to change your password, select "Modify my profile" from the right menu. Write down your new password and save it in a safe, accessible place.
  • To enter our E-exchange discussion, select E-exchange WAC - Gustavsson Magnus from the left menu.

Finding Your Group and Entering the Forum

The next screen should look like this:

  • Click on Groups. At the next screen, only one group is active on your screen and is also indicated as (my group).
  • Click on your active group.
  • On the right is a list of members of your group with their college email addresses.
  • On the left, under Tools, click Forum.

Participating in the Forum Discussion
  • Review the project description at Writing Across Curriculums and Cultures.
  • Locate the Topic for each of the four components: Letter 1, Letter 2, Letter 3, and Analysis and Reflection.
  • Within your Group and Forum, submit your letter as if it were an Answer to the topic, for example, Letter 1.

  • Compose your letters in a word processor and save them so you will have the text on file on your own computer before you copy-paste and submit them to Claroline.
  • After you have submitted your initial required letter for each topic, you are welcome to continue adding to the conversation with members of your group.

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