Cross-Cultural Exchange on Poetry: An Online Collaboration
Among Swedish and American Students, Spring 2006

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Chalmers University of Technology, Göthenburg, Sweden, is a research intensive university with a comprehensive coverage of engineering disciplines.
  • The engineering students have a range of electives to choose from and the students in this exchange on poetry take the course "Fiction for Engineers," taught by Magnus Gustafsson. So, the students come from a variety of engineering disciplines and are all MSc students with at least one year of their programme completed. The seminar meets once a week and apart from discussing the set texts, it is also geared towards preparing the students for their term paper assignment. The poetry exchange will form a part of their journal assignment and can be used as a starter for their term papers. Although English is not the first language of these students, the course is conducted in English like many of the fourth year courses at Chalmers and some of the electives.

Clemson University is a land-grant university in Clemson, South Carolina, USA. Two classes at Clemson are participating in our exchange.

  • "American Literature Through 1945," taught by Donna Reiss, is a survey of literature of the United States. We read works written in English except for early Native American stories transcibed in the 18th and 19th centuries. Our goal is to explore and appreciate the scope of this literature along with the evolution of style and theory. In addition to critical exploration, students in this laptop-computer-required class compose a variety of informal personal responses and creative responses to literature through class discussions in person and online.
  • The graduate seminar "Victorian Poetry," taught by Art Young, focuses on writers in nineteenth-century England, especially Matthew Arnold, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, and Alfred Tennyson. We are also interested in larger issues such as how and why people read poetry and how readers from different literary periods (or countries) might interpret poems differently. In addition to reading poetry and criticism, the students are writing poems themselves as well as writing critical analyses and other genres. This international online exchange is a key part of their portfolio and its accompanying reflective essay.

Cross-Cultural Exchange on Poetry: An Online Collaboration
Among Swedish and American Students, Spring 2005
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