Cross-Cultural Exchange on Poetry: An Online Collaboration
Among Swedish and American Students, Spring 2005

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Directions for Claroline Discussion Board

Log In to Claroline

For this project, we are using the Claroline courseware and discussion board, courtesy of Chalmers University of Technology. First, review all the directions on this page. After you have read these directions, return to the top of this Web page and click on the word Claroline in the Enter Claroline box. A new web browser window will open behind or in front of the current screen. You can adjust your browser windows so you can see both these directions and Claroline on your computer screen (you may also print these directions).

ENTER Claroline

This page of directions may be slow to load because of the screen shots. Throughout the directions here, Chris Smart is the default (fake) student.

  1. Enter the user name you were assigned by your professor.
  2. Enter the password you were assigned by your professor.
  3. Press Enter.

Modifying Your Profile and Joining Our Discussion
  • After you log in, your screen should look like the image below. To enter our Cross-cultural Poetry Exchange discussion, click on Fiction for Engineers.
  • If you want to change your password, select "Modify my profile" from the upper menu bar. Write down your new password and save it in a safe, accessible place.

Claroline course list

  • From the course menu, click on Groups.

Claroline fiction menu

Finding Your Group and Entering the Forum
  • At the Groups menu, scroll down the page until you see Poetry Exchange - Spring 2005 - Group. Only one group will be an active link for you, highlighted and signaled by (my group).
  • Click on your group.

Claroline grouplist

Claroline mygroup

  • From the Tools menu for your group, click Forum.

Claroline Group Area


Participating in the Forum Discussion

  • Click on the underlined link for the Topic for the Letter you wish to post. Letter 1 is shown in the screen below.

Claroline Forum

Claroline postanswer

  • Copy-paste your letter in the message box.
  • Click the Submit button to post your letter.

Claroline postbox

  • Remember to Logout of Claroline at the end of your session. The Logout link appears on the menu bar at the top of your Claroline screen.

Claroline logout


Cross-Cultural Exchange on Poetry: An Online Collaboration
Among Swedish and American Students, Spring 2005
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