Allusion, Artistry, and the Fall of Icarus

Icarus and the Arts

Painters, sculptors, choreographers, composers, and writers of poetry and prose have been inspired by Icarus and Daedalus. The following pages offer a sampling of Icarus-inspired art on the Web: Music and Dance | Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture | Poems

Music and Dance

Icarus. Winter, Paul. Common Ground. Music by Ralph Towner. A&M Records, Beverly Hills, CA, 1978. AM SP 4698

Icarus. Hively, Wells (1902-1969). 1961. Polish National Radio Orchestra, Vohdan Wodiczko, Conductor. Composers Recordings, New York. CRI SD 254.

[LISTEN to excerpts from Winter and Hively]

The Fall of Icarus Ballet

Icarus Ballet

Concept and Direction: Frédéric Flamand | Scenic Design and video sculptures: Fabrizio Plessi | Original Music: Michael Nyman

First part of the Trilogy created in 1989 at the Belgian National Opera:

Icarus is the myth of an individualised utopia, of freedom and liberation. Man thinks he is able to triumph over the labyrinth of his earth-bound condition thanks to the artifice of his feather and wax wings but he is punished for having defied the gods. His fall follows his flight and the calamity that befalls him is a measure of his pride. (Michel Baudson).

The Fall of Icarus is presented as the epitome of our most vivid illusions : the tension of imminent catastrophe, the obsessive utopia of our high-tech modernity , a reminder of eternal human foolishness, the power of creation and of desire, metaphysical terror, a new illusion of our "ideal cities" : all this is incorporated here in a huge fresco by no means lacking in humour or stunning invention in which our memory and media imagery are locked in confrontation. (Frédéric Flamand).
10 Jan. 1998


Paintings, Drawings, and Sculpture

Click on the miniature images to view a larger version; click on the alternate Web address for another site with additional information.

Pieter Brueghel the Elder

 Icarus Saraceni  Carlo Saraceni (Venice c.1585-1620)


Icarus Burkett Icarus Norman Burkett

  Icarus Klew Kent Lew

  Peter-Paul Rubens   

  Icarus Matisse Henri Matisse 

 Descent of Icarus Beal  Descent of Icarus Kathy Beal



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