Allusion, Artistry, and the Fall of Icarus

Notes and Acknowledgments

The images, music, and poetry in Allusion, Artistry, and the Fall of Icarus are presented for educational use only. I appreciate the willingness of so many artists to offer their work on the Web so that my students and others can learn more about the interrelatedness of the arts.

Thanks to Sadie Cornell, William Rodner, Kelly Wilcox, Mary Johnson, Ann Johnston, Liz Mootry, Melony Ellington, George Tussing, and Sharon Stevens of Tidewater Community College.

Thanks to Eric Hibbison, Ron Carter, Cathy Simpson, Ros Blunt, and Mark Raby of the Virginia Community College System.

Funded in part by a 1997 VCCS-wide Courseware Grant for development of VCCS Litonline and by Tidewater Community College. Please send comments and questions to D. Reiss.


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