Allusion, Artistry, and the Fall of Icarus

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Icarus Matisse

Icarus from the Jazz series
of paper cutouts by Henri Matisse


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  • Review the Double Windows and Writing Space suggestions on this page.
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Double Windows

Sometimes it is helpful to view two Web pages at the same time. You can do so by opening two browser windows according to the help files for your Web browser. Size these windows so that one Web page appears above the other, for example, the poem above and the glossary below. Then you can use scroll bars of both windows.

Screen with Double Windows

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Writing Space

  • To write your reactions and answers to questions in the browser pages of Allusion, Artistry, and the Fall of Icarus, you can use the text boxes provided as a quick note pad and then copy and paste to your word processor or email, toggling back and forth between the browser and word processor or email.
  • Or you can arrange the windows on your computer monitor as shown below. Size your Web browser window to take about half or two-thirds of the top of your monitor. Open your word processor or email message screen and size its window to provide a writing space below.

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