Learning Literature in an Era of Change: Innovations in Teaching
Edited by Dona J. Hickey and Donna Reiss

Foreword by Kenneth Bruffee

Introduction "Innovation, Instruction and Literary Studies" by Dona J. Hickey and Donna Reiss

Part One: Literary License: Alternative Readings and Writings

  • "WINGDAMS: Piloting New Channels in Writing about Literature" by Katherine Fischer
  • "Epistolary Pedagogy and Electronic Mail: Online Letters for Learning Literature" by Donna Reiss
  • "On Teaching Literature Students To Interpret: The Textual ‘Gap’ as Point of Departure" by Ronda Leathers Dively
  • "Generative Criticism in the Seminar Room" by Barry Lewis
  • "Exploration and Discovery with Poster Sessions in Undergraduate Literature" by Madeline-Marie Schein
  • "Permeable Boundaries: Arts Within the Arts" by Dona Hickey

Part Two: Visual Literacy and Visualizing Literature

  • "Figuring Literary Theory and Refiguring Teaching: Graphics in the Undergraduate Literary Theory Course" by Marlowe Miller
  • "From Short Fiction to Dramatic Event: Mental Imagery, the Perceptual Basis of Learning, and the Aesthetic Reading Experience" by Terri Pullen Guezzar
  • "The Look of a Book: Visualizing Narrative Structure" by Joy Castro
  • "Sculpting the Text" by Nancy Macky and Frederick Horn

Part Three: Learning Literature through Partnerships

  • "Alchemy to Chemistry: Integrating Science and Humanities" by Sandy Feinstein
  • "Theme Days: Literature Across the Curriculum" by Sylvia Hodges Gamboa

Part Four: Cyberlit: Hypertext, Hypermedia, and Multimedia

  • "Project-Based Literary Instruction: Women of the Romantic Period" by Daniel Anderson
  • "Hypermedia Design in the English Classroom" by Tonya Browning
  • "Hypertextual and Networked Communication in Undergraduate Literature Classes" by Marcel Cornis-Pope
  • "Linear Modeling: Giving Technology’s Power to Students" by Peter Havholm and Larry Stewart
  • "Shakespeare Online: Reflections on Teaching and Learning" by Helen Schwartz and Brian C. McDonald
  • "Videos and the Virtual Classroom: A Teleweb for Teaching Modern American Poetry" by Gail Cummins

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