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Learning Literature

in an Era of Change:

Innovations in Teaching



Edited by Dona J. Hickey and Donna Reiss

Foreword by Kenneth Bruffee

Stylus Publishing

Learning Literature in an Era of Change: Innovations in Teaching presents a range of teaching strategies developed by teachers of literature who have heard the call from students, employers, and academic administrators for more relevant learning experiences in an ever-changing world. With descriptions of successful non-traditional teaching strategies, these chapters show teachers demystifying literary studies for students brought up on visual media. Many of the contributors lead their campuses in the use of computer-mediated communication and multimedia to support instruction. And all the contributors to this book demonstrate how they foster learning, collaboration, and creative thinking.

In Learning Literature in an Era of Change: Innovations in Teaching, practicing teachers offer to their peers in literature and composition as well as to faculty developers an exciting range of new models where professors are partners in learning, and where education is not delivered but discovered and disseminated.

The Editors: Dona Hickey is Associate Professor of English at the University of Richmond. She teaches literature, composition, and a composition theory and pedagogy course for tutors and writing fellows. Donna Reiss is Associate Professor of English-Humanities at Tidewater Community College, where she  teaches computer-mediated and Web-based classes and is a presenter, workshop leader, and author of print and online works emphasizing electronic communication throughout the curriculum. Hickey and Reiss collaborate regularly as writers and consultants.

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