Redefining "Writing"

in the Digital Age:

The Impact of the Internet
on Academic Expression

Tidewater Community College
Faculty Forum
February 26, 2002

Donna Reiss


Higher education is engaged in the process of redefining academic literacy for the digital age. For students and for young professors educated by video and the Internet as well as by books, academic literacy includes not only advanced reading, writing, and calculating but also advanced comprehension, critique, and composition of media. Educated citizens now require "multiple literacies" to contribute to their communities and to succeed and advance in their educations and careers. Therefore, we all should be both learning and teaching those multiple literacies. And the term writing, once applied primarily to verbal texts - words - should be broadened to composing, in recognition that we and our students increasingly can and should communicate effectively in words, pictures, and gestures, in print and in electronic media.

Donna Reiss