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Multimodal and

Multimedia Projects

for Learning in the

Digital Age

Donna Reiss

Tidewater Community College

New Horizons Conference
Roanoke, Virginia
March, April 3-5, 2003
Virginia Community College System

By composing analytically, creatively, and reflectively in multiple modes, genres, and media, students learn to express themselves and to demonstrate their learning in both traditional and innovative ways. As a result, students are prepared for the various and flexible composing situations of further academic work and their careers, where adaptation to the expectations of ever-changing technologies are essential. Student examples using Blackboard, multimodal and multimedia communication, and electronic portfolios will emphasize visual and verbal communication that supports both communication and content learning throughout the disciplines.

Composing with Visual and Verbal Images

Craig's Profile of Amy in Words and Image

Al's Illustrated Hypertext Discussion Board Post

Rick's Poem and Painting | Khoa's Poem and Painting

Composing with Sound and Words

Academy of American Poets - Listening Booth

Langston Hughes, "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"

Peter's and Marion's Oral Reading and Reflective Writing

Composing Electronic Portfolios

Webfolio Project and Student Projects

Composing Animated E-poetry

Selected Sources for New Media Literature

Joseph's Garden

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