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WAC Online: Active Learning and the Internet
Hands-on Computer Workshop - June 5, 1999, 1- 4 p.m.
with Donna Reiss, Joe Essid, and Dona Hickey
Fourth National Writing Across the Curriculum Conference
Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, June 3-5, 1999

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In this hands-on workshop, we'll use the Internet to enhance WAC's language-rich active learning techniques and to build learning communities. Participants will practice strategies they can duplicate in their classrooms across the curriculum, including student collaborations and student-constructed Web projects. We'll also explore Internet professional communities. Participants should have some experience using email and the World Wide Web.
  • Internet-enhanced Learning: Class Communities and Student Projects
    • Writing and learning with email, newsgroups, and Web forums
    • Student-constructed projects on line: Web publications, electronic portfolios, and collaborative hypertexts
  • WAC Sites on the Web: WAC, CAC, and ECAC
    • WAC programs and partnerships with teaching-learning centers, writing centers, and technology projects
    • Searching for disciplinary syllabi and resources online: Models and resources for every discipline
    • Locating listservs and professional organizations online: Connecting with professional communities in every discipline and across disciplines

Donna Reiss, Coordinator of Online Learning at Tidewater Community College, is co-editor with Art Young and Dickie Selfe of Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum and developer of the ECAC Resources Web. Joe Essid, Director of the Writing Center and WAC, and Dona Hickey, Director of Composition, both at the University of Richmond, are authors of "Creating a Community of Teachers and Tutors" in Electronic Communication Across the Curriculum.

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