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Active-Learning Online:
Electronic Communication
for Web-based and Hybrid Classes

Wildacres Retreat
May 13-16 , 2002

Donna Reiss
Tidewater Community College-Virginia

Developed to support hands-on computer workshops at Wildacres Retreat 2002, these resources include some of our workshop activities, some ideas for student activities, and some examples of compositions in response to those activities. Most notably absent are the thoughtful and lively oral and written discussions by faculty from a variety of disciplines that were the heart of the workshops.

blue box bullet Sharing First Impressions: Introductions Online and Epistolary Conventions

blue box bullet Communicating Online: WAC-CAC-ECAC Context

blue box bullet Learning by Posting: Discussion Boards as Bulletin Boards

blue box bullet Interacting Online: Group Discussions

blue box bullet Linking Learning: Instant Hypertext

blue box bullet Demonstrating Learning: Electronic Portfolios

blue box bullet Locating Additional Resources

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