Introductory Online Letters for Learning

Delicia's Introduction Version 1

Date: Mon Aug 26 200_
Author: W. Delicia
Subject: Introducing Delicia W.

Good Day Classmates,

I am Delicia. My name is pronounced (Duh- lee- shuh). A lot of people tend to shorten my name or just call me "D". I don't like that. I love my name and I think it's beautiful. I don't have a problem correcting people if they pronounce it wrong and I always do it with a smile. My husband is a "Navy Man" and just started his officer program. He thinks he's going to serve at least twenty years. Well, I just don't know about that. My daughter is very active and somewhat of a priss. She is very smart and very spoiled. I am a mother and wife. I work full time and I'm overdue for a degree and a career.

I've wanted to be a psychologist since I was old enough to really understand what it means to have a career. I know that I could be a great psychologist. There's just one problem. It seems so darn boring. So, as of August 2002, I've rearranged my career goals. I would now like to become a dental hygienist or a radiologist. I figured I might as well get started.

English and Math were the first courses I decided to take online. I'm taking online classes because there just isn't enough time for me to get from my job to my daughter's school, then to an evening class. It seems all to stressful. If I can make it through these two online courses, I know I can have the same success with others. Hey, even if don't fair so well, I'll just retake the courses. That's the keep on trying lesson learned from Sesame Street many moons ago.

I swear by Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and Reading Rainbow. These television shows strongly enforced what I leaned at school and taught me a lot more. I remember reading a starter book called, Who Can. That was the "See Jane run" book in Michigan. While in junior high, I had an awesome English teacher named Mrs. Hempstead. We had to write constantly. We even had to do an anthology and research paper as our final exam. She made English the most enjoyable class I've ever had.

After Junior High, my interest in reading and writing went on a fast decline. I wasn't in a very good school system and high school English wasn't much different than junior high. I used my 8th grade research paper in 12th grade and go an A. Unbelievable, huh. It wasn't until I started attending TCC that I began to take reading and writing serious. I had to write a paper and I didn't know where to start. I wanted to scream. The reading material was drab and it was difficult to piece together information I deemed necessary to include in the paper. It really made me realize that reading and writing are very important. The more I read, the more informed I feel and actually become. I love to read the newspaper during lunch and entertain myself by reading ESPN and Essence magazine in the evening or on the weekends.

Whether it's writing an email at home, memos at work, or reading a book, it's all beneficial. The more I write, the better I become at writing. The more I read, the more I want to learn. Given a pencil, notebook, computer, and half day's silence, I could write the most beautiful love- sappy poem you've ever seen. Knowing that's not going to happen anytime soon I settle for writing little poems here and there and reading a good book that's probably overdue from the library.

Happy Reading and Writing to Everyone


Delicia's Introduction Version 2 and Rhetorical Analysis

Delicia Poster

Date: Mon Sep 2 200_
Author: W. Delicia
Subject: Re: Rhetorical Analysis of Introduction

Both versions of my introduction had drafts and were also looked at from a reader's standpoint. I wanted to make sure the material was interesting enough to make my classmates finish reading the entire piece. The introduction letter was difficult to write. I tried to make sure I was grammatically correct and didn't say too much. The flyer was kind of fun and easy to write. I didn't worry too much about grammar or saying too much. I just made something I thought I would read or pay attention to if I saw it posted.

Seeing as though I didn't really know I was making rhetorical choices in version one, I think I did an alright job. My purpose was to introduce myself to my classmates and I did that. I followed the guidelines given by Ms. Reiss and did so because I wanted full credit. Version two's purpose was to get the urban voter to want to meet their representative. I figured if I told them a couple of details and invited them to find out more in person, they would. I know I would.

My choice of audience for the flyer was the urban voter. Statistical data shows urban voters are more apt to vote for someone who's familiar to them. I did what most campaign flyers do. I tried to persuade urban voters. I wanted them to meet and get to know me in a social sense. I set the meet and greet to take place at a community center because politicians always try to be seen in public places. My introduction was informal and my peers were the audience. I told my peers a little bit about me. Since it was for class, I tried to imagine myself in the classroom.

Although one version was nonfiction and the other fiction, they yet had some similarities. The introductory letter and the campaign flyer both answered my call to write. They had final drafts and satisfied my literary expectations of myself. My rhetorical choices made both versions friendly and easy to read. They also made version one personal and version two more business- like.