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Tristica's Introduction Version 1

Date: Tue Aug 27 200_
Author: O. Tristica
Subject: Introducing Tristica O.

Greetings classmates,

Hello, my name is Tristica O. You may call me Tris for short. I was born in Norfolk and have lived in Virginia Beach my entire life. I am engaged and I have a beautiful two-year-old son.

I have danced since I was two years old, and it has been my life ever since then. I was a national competitor for thirteen years and I currently am a senior teacher at a local studio. I was a Star Search semi-finalist when I was nine years old. I have won four national scholarships for L.A. based classes, and four years ago I won a scholarship to attend a camp at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY to study Broadway.

When I was a senior at Kellam High School, it was mandatory to do a career project, and at the time I was working at Eckerd's Pharmacy so I decided to do my project on Pharmacology. After all of the research I did and all of the interviews I conducted, it was then that I decided to become a pharmacist. I plan on graduating from Tidewater Community College with an Associates of Science Degree and then I plan on transferring to Hampton University for their doctorate of pharmacy program. This program takes four years to complete after I leave TCC. So I figured that six to seven years of school to be making six figures was not that bad? Besides the money, I want to help people but I do not have the patience to go to school to become a doctor.

This is my third semester at TCC and I have previously taken online classes and I found that with my busy schedule and not to mention my son, Ceyzar, it is much easier for me to take online classes. Honestly, I am not that bad with English but I really do not like it. I know that English is a necessary course, so I know that I have to make the best out of it and hopefully learn more about writing papers. I usually do not read for the fun of it, but when I find the time I do enjoy reading true crime novels.

Since I teach at a studio, I am constantly writing and speaking about times and rehearsals. I also write my notes for my classes, but usually I am the only one who can understand what I mean and actually I like it that way so that my choreography can never truly be copied.

I enjoy writing poetry, when I am feeling sad; it helps me get through the rough times. When I was in seventh grade, I had a wonderful English teacher who encouraged my poetry writings and she even made it possible for me to become published in a local newsletter. So every now and again I will sit in my bed and stare out of my window and sometimes the words start flowing immediately and other times, I just sit there like a bump on a log.

English truly has never really been a challenge to me other than the fact that I find it sort of boring. I have always been one of those students that have always received good grades in all subjects regardless of whether I liked the subject or not. Hopefully while taking this course I will be able to find a way to make English less boring for me so that I can become the best writer and reader possible.

Thank you all for listening to my "life and English," and I hope to talk with many of you over the course of the semester. Good luck this semester and all that you do.


Tristica O

Tristica's Introduction Version 2 and Rhetorical Analysis

Date: Sun Sep 1 200_
Author: O. Tristica
Attachment: rhetorical_postcard.doc
Subject: Re: Rhetorical Analysis of Introduction

Greetings classmates,

Please see the attached file labeled Rhetorical Postcard to preview my introduction Version 2.

In Version 1 of my Introduction my purpose was to include factors of myself including my age, my background, my goals in life as well as my goals for my career. I was focused on catching my fellow classmates and spoke on a general level since I actually do not know who I am talking to on a one on one basis. When speaking about myself to strangers I wrote with a sense that everyone reading my introduction was on a college reading level and hopefully in some way they were able to relate to my introduction on some type of personal level. In Version 1 I gave the basics about my life and answered all of the questions that were outlined by Ms. Reiss in order to relate to my English 111 class and my professor.

In Version 2 of my Introduction my purpose took quite a different approach. I hope that all of you reading this have clicked on the attached file. In this postcard I am taking an approach by contacting future students that may come and take dance classes from me. Since it is a postcard it is still on an impersonal basis and I had to make the postcard as general as possible but include eye-catching details that parents and students look for when shopping around for a dance studio or choreographer. I included my past dance experiences but that is as far as I went. No one who reads this postcard will know my personal goals in my life until they actually meet with me and get to know me once I am teaching them. Some people who receive the postcard will throw it away if not interested but if they are interested I used visual aids on the postcard to hopefully pull them into registering or at least coming and meeting me and viewing one of my dance classes.

In comparison between Version 1 and Version 2 of my introductions, Version 1 I gave much more personal information and the information I provided was much more detailed. In Version 2 it was a general listing of information that pertained to the audience that I was trying to capture. The end result of Version 1 is that my classmates and my professor now know a little more about who is in their class and hopefully Version 1 will help them relate to my writings throughout the semester. In Version 2, the end result all depends on who is paying attention to my ad. If they like what they see then they will contact me, if they do not like what they see they will not come. Although Version 1 and Version 2 are very different approaches to introducing myself, the readers of both versions will understand a little more about my dancing career.

Tristica O.