Academic Writing: New Genres and Media

USA Perspective
Students participate in a “new community of critical and creative discourse. This community, whose conventions are not yet formed, can only be defined by a confluence of literature, composition, and technology.”

- Stuart Moulthrop and Nancy Kaplan, “Something To Imagine: Literature, Composition, and Interactive Fiction.” Computers and Composition 9.1 (1991): 7-23. (8)

European Perspective
"Before we know it, the genres we teach today, the essay and the traditional academic research paper may be supplemented with new genres such as hypertext, calling for new ideas on how to teach and how to organize writing instruction."

- Lennart Bjork, Gerd Brauer, Lotte Rienecker, and Peter Stray Jorgensen in their introduction to Teaching Academic Writing in European Higher Education (Kluwer Publishing, 2002)

Book cover Teaching Academic Writing in European Higher Education

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